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Saturday, 06 September 2008



Oh, that's a shame. I enjoy reading your posts, although I don't always comment.

Best of luck to you! Stay in touch.


But how will we hear about the Brissie move?!

Yeah, TypePad has sucked big time the past few months, but since they introduced the 'format this as convert line breaks' things have been back to normal for me.

Hope the move and job hunt go well - and keep in touch!

Mr D

What a pity. Hey, you know WordPress is free. Why not export your posts to WordPress, and keep your options open for later? Most people read via RSS, I think, so regular readers would know if you posted again one day in the future.


Sorry to hear that Ian. Like Kim, I too enjoy reading your blog but don't always comment. I will miss your words.

I hope all goes well with the move, job etc., I will miss your wit and the conversations between you and the missus. *heehee*

I hope our paths cross soon.


Hi All, thanks for your kind comments. I'll be gone for a while, probably until we get settled in Brisbane, but I'll definitely be back when the batteries are recharged, maybe with a Brisbane focus.

Wordpress sounds like a good idea Mr D. I shall check it out.

Keep well all of you

Ian H


Yep, I can vouch for Wordpress too.

Best wishes for your future, kind regards,


Stopped by just in time to say farewell. And here's me, thinking about cranking up my blog again after a 12 month break. I hope you pick up again once you are settled in Brisbane with a whole new perspective on life. Best of luck.



I will miss your pithy posts too ... I wish you well in your job moves and I hope we can communicate in future on ther woes of the stock market, politics, cameras and photography and other matters of mutual interest.

Kind regards,


Jonathan Wonham

All the best for the move. Hope to see you back soon.

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