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Saturday, 09 August 2008


Mr D

"[O]ur rewards option(s) which include us phoning each other for 20 minutes at cheap rates between 7 and 8 at night."

Was this meant seriously? Is that all they offer? I've heard that mobile operators in Australia screw their customers, but that's ridiculous. Do none of the other companies offer more than that?

Not wanting to rub it in, but just by way of comparison: in Europe it's common to have free evening and weekend calls. I have them, but hardly use my mobile as a phone, so they're wasted on me. In Germany a lot of people also have a mobile flatrate, which can be for voice calls, text messages, or both.

Oh, and paper bills are becoming a thing of the past. I get all of mine electronically. I could get paper ones, too; but what's the point? I don't have the operator e-mail them to me, though. Instead I can view them - and download them if I want - through the company's website. In that way, they can't mess up my house address or my e-mail address. It's just up to me to remember my username and password. Does Telstra not offer that as an option?


Hello Mr D, it's not as bad as I painted. I can phone the Handbrake for 20 minutes free, hang up and ring her again (which shows how silly the system is). We get some other benefits but I use those benefits so rarely I couldn't tell you what they are.
We can also download bills in various formats but if you want pdf format you can only get the front page summary, no details. Telstra fairly gives me the willies sometimes.


I feel your pain - that is truly amazing that they got the right street but the wrong number - I mean, if you are going to screw up, Telstra, do it in another town!!

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