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Sunday, 03 August 2008


The Handbrake

Home and Away would seem to be an appropriate choice of TV program, I must say. Of late, you're more away than home.

I did let you off the mowing when you were home though. It's still there.



Gosh - aren't we getting irritable.

You shouldn't be watching Home & Away - you'd be better watching Men Behaving Badly !

Only joking - I think the only disappopintment in your dark list is the Vietnam job - that would have been great I am sure. Stuff the money, the experience would I am sure be terrific. The Handbrake is handy with the chopsticks ? The other stuff is not worth a care.

As for "dongas" ... this reminds me of my working accommodation in Gove and Weipa. Wonderful "homes" - basically demountables with ceiling fans.

Ian - can you change my URL (again), thanks ? Red Ink has morphed into Boondoggler (again).

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