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Monday, 19 November 2007


Mr D

Great news!

Don't you feel tempted to move in right now, rather than waiting a few years?


Yes indeed, but we'll just have to wait until A finishes high school in three years time.

Red Ink

Congrats Ian ... the escape plan is in place !

Our problem, is that we can't decide on what the escape plan is to be ... beach, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley or Southern Highlands. Mrs Divers Boots (my Handbrake) can't make up her mind.


After living in Goulburn for a couple of years in the early 80s I'd advise against the Southern Highlands unless you enjoy collecting firewood and lighting fires ! I still remember having a lump of snow on the bonnet as I drove into Liverpool early one morning. Seriously, it's quite pretty around Berrima and Moss Vale. Queensland's nice ! There'll be a lovely high-set Queenslander for sale in Bundaberg in about 3 years time.


oh wow! (Or should that be 'Oh WoW!?!)

Great news, congratulations. SOunds very ideal and inspirational that you actually bought something in Brisbane. As you know we are going to be moving there next year (at the moment anyway)...

The Handbrake

And there's even room for his Yowie collection, although I do have his word that he fully intends to dispose of some relics from the past. Take it from me, this man KEEPS stuff.


Thanks Melody, the hard work paid off, hopefully it'll ease off a bit in the new year before you move down. I'm not sure what the Handbrake is on about I've thrown out a lot of important stuff from the 1980s during the last couple of years, you know the sort of thing, phone bills, cheque book stubs etc.

The Handbrake

....but not those 80s pants; you just never know, he might fit into them again some day...

(Slight exaggeration, I concede.)

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