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Saturday, 21 April 2007



Methinks someone has nicked an apostrophe, ol' son :-))

6'9" should pretty well round it out; funny how ya remember things... I have had .3048 seared in my brain since 1966!!


Ooops, 'scuse double post... good start eh!!

I'm blaming it on the "robot test" :-)


No problem, Ian. Welcome !

Louisa Sheedy

Great decision on removing your tile roof and replacing it with modern materials. Tiles are pretty, but they can be also troublesome. They are difficult to paint and clean and, because of their weight, they can also be dangerous in earthquakes.

Lino Kosters

Indeed. Going for cool roofing with the use of lighter colors to reflect the heat away is a good idea. It's not black, but you can still be modern and stylish with lighter-colored roof tiles.

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