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Where do I, or to be more precise, did I start ? I was born in rural Hampshire in 1954.

I’m 1.73 metres tall (I’m sure I used to be taller than that ?) and weigh 81 kilos. Yes, I’m overweight, having lived off the fat of this great land since I arrived from the UK, in a much slimmer format, in 1981. Four kilos to lose and working on it. The eyes – they’re brown.

I’m a Sagittarian (half man, half beast) or Saggo, more 'sag' than 'go' these days though.

Very happily married to The Handbrake. Living with us are her youngest two children, one boy and one girl. Between us we have another five, all girls and each going their own way in life.

Politically I’m a bit of a mixed bag and torn between, firstly, trying to secure as comfortable as possible a lifestyle for us (now and later) which pushes me towards right wing and a market economy perspective and, secondly, a recognition that a lot of people are getting left behind socially and economically and a more socially responsible form of government is probably overdue.

Having socially responsible government is one thing, having socially responsible members of society is another. It seems to me that the rights and welfare of the strident individual are frequently allowed to impact negatively on the rights of the majority. To me this is fundamentally wrong.

As for my blog, it’s nothing more than an outlet for the repressed scribe that lies within. If anyone enjoys the photos or finds it entertaining or even amusing then it has served a purpose well beyond my original intentions.

As for Res Publica – it’s Latin for a public issue or matter or item (which doesn’t really do justice to the myriad of uses for the feminine noun ‘res’) – it’s open to all to peruse and even comment if they feel so inspired. From Res Publica of course comes our word republic. Not surprisingly, I’m also a republican. The House of Windsor has long since served its purpose. The Royal Family is an anachronism and should end with its last gracious member, HRH Queen Elizabeth II. It’s high time that Australians were allowed to select one of their own to represent them on the world stage. You’ll note I said Australians – not the Australian Government !

That’s enough of that ! If you wish to know more – ask me !


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