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Tuesday, 17 June 2008



Huh! Really! I cannot believe you have that opinion. Are you trying to take a rise out of readers or is that a firmly held view?


OK, Julie, I was being a bit provocative but don't you think there's a little bit of hypocrisy going on by having a 'punching' team and then getting all high and mighty when one of your athletes punches another one ? Boxing in any form does nothing but condone and encourage the act of punching someone in the head.


I see the two concepts are not at all related. Boxing is a "sport" that is organised; it has rules; one does not box when intoxicated, for one.

Young men who go out not to have fun but to get "rat-faced" is another issue altogether. When they strike another person whilst in this condition, it is assault - not punching, not boxing, not fun. Assault.

What if the person that Darcy had punched was a woman?

When Darcy was in the bar, he was not an athlete. He was a young man in danger of destroying his life. He was a lout.

The AOC did not make an example of him. Darcy did that. Now Darcy has been called upon to take responsibility for his actions.


A couple of points, Julie. Darcy didn't hit a woman so that's irrelevant. I know a lot of blokes who'd not think twice about snotting another bloke in the pub if they were provoked but they would never hit a woman.

I'm not at work when I'm in the pub either. If I get sloshed and punch someone should I lose my job ? Should I get tossed out of my professional organisation ?

Yes, boxing is a sport. People die, they get brain damage, it encourages loutish behaviour. I'm afraid I don't see a great deal to recommend it.

We might just have to agree to disagree on some of this !


Yes, we will probably just have to disagree.

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