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Sunday, 29 June 2008



I can recall this sort of service when I was in early High School (1961). I had penpals in the UK, in France and two in the USA. I used to write letters every week to someone and had to save to pay for the stamps myself.

Young people nowadays do not know how to write a letter - nay, they do not know how to write a sentence. And as for spelling - texting has corrupted that totally. Strange that this is a generation that communicates more than any other but it is usually in grunts like "cool".

Mr D

You have to wonder if they couldn't have just changed how they work. OK, so the tool of communication has changed, but the Internet's a big place. The young people still need to find other young people to write to, even if it's now by e-mail and possibly instant messaging. Besides, there'll continue to be some students who like to put pen to paper literally.

I suppose there must already be websites who set up the contacts, yeah? Were IYS too slow to get with it, then?

Julie: Have you seen how poorly so many people of all ages write?


Yes, Julie, it's very much quantity over quality these days !

I think IYS missed the boat, Mr D, there's probably a niche market for 'filtered' penfriends to keep dodgy people out of the system but under the flood of instant emails, messenger, MySpace etc the concept would probably sink without trace.


I don't remember if it was IYS, but I remember a similar scheme in the 80s when I was at school.

At boarding school.

A a girls boarding school.

We all ticked the countries we wanted our fantasy boyfriend - ahem - penfriends from and sent off our $8 each (I think that was the price).

The only thing consistant about all applications were we wanted boys!!!

Every one of us got girls - twice as many girls as we applied for. Only one got a boy, and he was from USA - no fun at all.

Pity they couldn't morph with the times.

And no - I was a bad penfriend and the correspondence all petered out after a year - when we could actually see live boys a few times a year at school socials and send them letters...


How do I write to IYS penfriends?
Anyone interested to stay in touch now that I found out IYS business closed down after 56 years.

Surprised news!!

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