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Tuesday, 05 June 2007



Heehee! That's funny. I saw on Sunrise a few weeks back that Nokia have released a phone that only do Text and Calls. That's it. No camera, MP3 player, internet - none of the other crap.Apparently a lot of people are complaining that there are no simple phones out there these days... I don't know the model number but maybe you could look into that.


That's exactly what I need, Melody. Must check that Nokia out. I'm sure they only offer all these doodads purely so that people increase their usage and, of course, end up with bigger bills.


Hey there IanH! It appears we are sort of neighbours - was on another blog that was discussing Bottle Trees (as in bottles on trees) and I googled some images of our real Aussie Bottle Trees and thus stumbled upon your blog!

I have not yet switched my CDMA across - want to find out when and where the 3G network will really filter, especially going west from here.

I am not so concerned about the accessories on new mobiles, more how easy they are to "get around" - so many phones are more complicated than necessary, I think.

And I agree with you - they are pushing more and more the user download additions to get more of your hard earned cash, methinks - while I am not necessarily technophobic, I am a little technowary when it seems my purse is involved!


Hello Jeanie. I love that word technowary. That's me to a tee. Like you I'm not a technophobe but I really question now whether I actually need the additional doodads and also whether I'm prepared to pay for the extra bells and whistles. Or perhaps I'm just getting older and wiser !

Appy Linguist

I now have a very simple Nokia. No camera, no MMS, etc. And I'm very happy with it.

OK, it has an alarm clock, calendar and calculator, all of which I use from time to time.

Well, I use the alarm clock every day, and I haven't made or received a phone call for a month - so perhaps what I really have is an alarm clock with built-in telephone and text messaging features!

(I use e-mail, Skype and iChat for long-distance communication, and our landline or my phone at work for local calls - not that I've needed to make or receive any of late.)

Of course, I'll be likely to change my tune about a year from now, once the iPhone is available and I've managed to save up for it! But that'll mainly be for its mobile Internet function. And it'll all depend on how much it costs to use it.

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