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Tuesday, 22 March 2005



Surely they could just have a French language section of an international Google driven library?

David (TEFL Smiler)

Ha ha ha, that's so funny, that they currently use Google on their site! They're just pissed off that Google's only using American and Oxford Uni libraries. But Google, as a company, owes them nothing. It's great if Google's action can inspire others, but a political thing shouldn't be made of it. Oh, unless your name is Chirac, and you're likely to get arrested and imprisoned once you leave office, due to your (alleged) gangster-like activities. Hmm, I think I'd want to do popular things if I was him, too.


Yes, they could quite easily, Fi, but it'd be most un-Frenchlike behaviour to actually co-operate with the exercise !

Old Chirac certainly knows how to play the crowd, David - deflect some heat with a bit of anti-US ranting masquerading as French/European cultural independence.

So long as we end up with online access to the assorted works of the literary greats who cares how we get there ?

David (TEFL Smiler)

But Ian, we already have "online access to the assorted works of the literary greats".

For example: http://teflsmiler.typepad.com


Precisely, David, that's why you're already on my blogroll ;-)

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